Business Meal Hamburger Side dish & a soft drink

Business Afternoon

Lunch up to 16:30
Business 100 gr₪50
Business 200 gr₪57
Business 300 gr₪69
Business 400 gr₪81
Business 500 gr₪93
Business Vegetarian burger₪57
Business Grilled chicken breast₪54
Business Schnitzel₪54

Business Evening

Dinner, Shabat & Holidays up to closing
Business 100 gr₪54
Business 200 gr₪63
Business 300 gr₪75
Business 400 gr₪87
Business 500 gr₪99
Business Vegetarian burger₪63
Business Grilled chicken breast₪61
Business Schnitzel₪61

Business Addons

A BEER in the Business meal
1/3 Estrella draught₪10
1/2 Estrella draught₪13
as a side dish in business
Side Salad₪5

Main DishesAll are served on a bun or a plate with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, red onion & pickles

Hamburgers…or chicken

Hamburger by weight
100 gr₪31
200 gr₪44
300 gr₪56
400 gr₪68
500 gr₪80
* Extra 50gr for burger₪7
Vegetarian burger
Thin shell of bulgur
  Filled with a mixture of cheese with mushrooms
Sauteed onions, plus pecans.
Panko coated chicken breast and deep-fried₪41
Grilled chicken breast
Slices of grilled chicken breast spices delicate₪41

Not included in the business

Fried onion₪6
Grilled mushrooms₪7
Fried egg₪7
Gauda cheese / Italian Parmegiano cheese₪9

Side dishes…
Included in the business

French fries₪16
Onion rings₪16
Mashed potato balls (croquette)₪16
Home fries (in sweet chili & garlic sauce)₪16
Spiced potatoes₪16

Our Salads…Our salads are sliced on the spot , made of assorted lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms and red onions, with salt, pepper, fresh lemon & olive oil seasoning

Italian Parmigiano salad
Served with nuts, cramberry & Italian Parmigiano cheese₪50
Grilled chicken breast
Served with cramberry & grilled chicken breast₪50
Feta salad
Served with feta cheese, with olive oil and hyssop dressing₪50
Schnitzel salad
Served with deep fried schnitzel₪50
Tuna salad
Made of Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, curot, sweet corn, pickles, hard boiled egg & TUNA, with salt, pepper, fresh lemon & olive oil seasoning₪50
Choped salad
Made of Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, & red onions with salt, pepper, fresh lemon & olive oil₪24
Topping for Choped salad
Italian Parmegiano cheese & fried egg₪14
Bacon & fried egg₪14
Grilled onion & mushrooms₪10


1/3 Estrella Draught₪26
1/2 Estrella Draught₪29
Bottle Erdinger ₪27
Bottle Beck’s ₪26
Bottle Inedit 750 ml
Beer concocted by the unique chef
Ferran Adria legendary
Coffee & Tea…
Capuccino Big₪15
Soft drinks…
Diet coke₪12
Coke zero₪12
Diet sprite₪12
Orange juice₪12
Grape Fruit₪12
Mineral water₪12
Black beer₪12