About Shu Sha The Elite Hamburger Spot

Our hamburgers arrive on your plate only after our fresh meat is cut and minced in our beautiful open kitchen and cooked exactly to your liking.

Our use of the freshest ingredients creates an eating experience with flavors and textures unlike any other…always leaving our customers wanting more!

As a burger joint, we pride ourselves on creating the absolute best burger experience. Our side options are of the highest quality and include…french fries, home fries, onion rings, and more.

For those looking for an alternative to friend sides, our chef will personally cut you a chopped salad on the spot.

After the creation of SHU SHA Burger in 2010, we dreamed to open a place with not only the most delicious burgers, but a place with a comfortable atmosphere, where customers felt at home.

Today we are extremely proud to say we have done both.

And for those wondering….